New Castle County is the northernmost of the three counties that comprise the state of Delaware. The county consists of the thin stretch of land measuring 426.29 square miles along the Delaware river and bordered by Maryland, Pennsylvania and New Jersey on three sides.

As of the most recent census, the population of New Castle County is 546,076, making it the most populous county in Delaware. The county is a part of the Philadelphia-Camden-Wilmington Metropolitan Statistical Area and is a relatively short drive from popular metropolitan regions in the area including Baltimore, Philadelphia and Trenton.

Living in New Castle County

One of the greatest aspects of living in New Castle County is that it features a close proximity to some of the most exciting metropolitan areas on the East Coast, but still maintains an agreeable cost of living. The county boasts some of the lowest rates in its region for groceries, housing and transportation as well as a low overall cost of living index based on data gathered from the Council for Community and Economic Research. In addition to low property and income taxes, the county doesn’t have a sales tax making life very affordable for area home owners.

New Castle may be low in cost, however it sacrifices nothing in quality of living. The county features a wide variety of recreational resources including 245 regional, district or neighborhood parks and sports facilities. Home owners in New Castle also have ready access to some of the most beautiful natural parks and recreation areas in the country. Just a short drive beyond the borders of the county can deliver residents to sandy beaches like Bowers Beach and Rehoboth Beach or to the stunning Pocono Mountains.

Economic development is an important facet to New Castle County officials, and the success the county has had in attracting some of the country’s largest companies is a testament to their efforts to make the county a wonderful place to work and live. The New Castle County Office of Economic Development has coordinated with the Delaware Economic Development Office to create a positive environment for large corporations to invest in. As a result, the county is home to a number of Fortune 500 companies such as DuPont, AstraZeneca and Bank of America among many more.

This thriving climate of business has helped to keep New Castle County residents happily employed. Those who work for themselves have also found a welcoming environment in New Castle County. The county stands strong behind local startups by providing networking events and business education through the Emerging Enterprise Center, an incubator for small businesses.

A Vibrant County Seat

The county seat of New Castle is Wilmington, the largest city in Delaware. With multiple neighborhoods, Wilmington brings a sophisticated, yet eccentric air to its place at the confluence of the Christina and Delaware rivers.

The city is home to a rich history and consequently many interesting sites for area residents to explore. Being only 40 or so minutes from Philadelphia, Wilmington was often thought of as a satellite city to its larger neighbor, however with a strong urban core and its economic power garnered from the many banking corporations that call it home, Wilmington is its own principle city.


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